Service Terms and Conditions

Your Space Organised

‘YSO’ Your Space Organised  ‘Client’ you

Client maintains process ownership.  YSO recognises items as sole property of client and final decision regarding removal of any item rests with the client.

Your Space Organised is committed to ensuring that Your Privacy is protected at all times.  YSO will NOT share any personal information with a 3rd party without your express permission in writing.  Every effort will be made to maintain a high standard in accordance with Privacy Act 1988.

Intellectual Property   YSO is a fully insured, registered business.  All concepts and techniques shared with the client during sessions for client’s personal use in maintaining organisational challenges. You may NOT copy, reproduce or share any of YSO ideas, concepts, images or material without prior approval from YSO in writing.   Photographs for each room/space are taken by YSO and client is encouraged to do same to measure progress.  Before and after photos may be used in YSO publications, including website.  Images may be cropped or altered as to protect client’s identity.  Client’s name or personal information will NOT be linked to images.

Client agrees to pay YSO rate per hour or purchased package cost.  Fees are settled in full at end of each session.  Any extra items, baskets, storage, decorator or functional items purchased at the client’s request will be invoiced at retail cost and reimbursed to YSO.

On-line payments for Organising Packages and On-line Consulting are accepted in good faith that the Client will use these within the time constraints.  YSO is committed to providing these service packages and will make every effort to schedule sessions with Client inside the time period.  NO refunds for “change of mind” or “unused” hours.  NO exceptions.

Organising Packages expire 6 months from date of purchase.

On-line Consulting expires 30 days from date of purchase.

Missed appointments where client has failed to inform YSO minimum of 1 hour before scheduled appointment are subject to $75 cancellation fee to cover travel and loss of income.

Project Outcomes depend on client willingness to purge, donate and follow suggested strategies to maintain organised spaces.  YSO will provide all possible information and hands on guidance to client to assist them to achieve their goals.  During the course of sessions, an outside service may be required to assist eg: waste removal, collection of donated items etc.  YSO may suggest particular service providers for these tasks.  It is the client’s responsibility to engage outside service providers.

Client recognises that entering into this agreement with YSO, will be in contact with personal items and information.  Client’s failure to disclose information to YSO of ANY potential safety or health risks before entering residence, will result in YSO terminating session immediately without explanation. These instances include:  3rd party interference, serious medical conditions, substance abuse or unsanitary environment.  No form of abuse will be tolerated by YSO – contract will be required to be paid in full as compensation.  Client will be unable to secure YSO services in the future.