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If I purchase a 20+ hour package, how long do I have to use it? Does it expire?

Large packages are pre-paid in full to secure your booking. They are valid for 6 months. Sessions can be used anytime in that period at your convenience.

Do you supply containers, baskets etc for storing and organising my belongings?

Generally, I encourage clients not to rush out and buy these types of items. We may be able to find something you already have that can do the job perfectly. If you require storage items, I can purchase on your behalf and invoice you at retail cost.

What should I do with all these items that I no longer want or need?

The amount of clutter and rubbish varies from one client to the next. Some may simply be able to use their household rubbish or recycling bins. Others may require a bigger load to be taken to a waste facility. For larger projects, a ‘skip bin’ is needed to get the job done quickly.
I can arrange all of these services at an extra cost.

Some of my items are too good to be taken to the ‘Tip’. Can they go to someone who would appreciate them?

Absolutely they can! There are hundreds of charities in our communities who are desperate for quality items for their clients. I like to support the smaller ones who don’t receive as much exposure as the larger organisations.
I can arrange for your donations to go where they are needed.

“Leesa did a great job, would happily have her again.  (She was also extremely patient as I fumbled with payment for days!!)  sorry Leesa”

Clean/organise/pack – Lisa, Keperra – October 2016

“Leesa did a good job reorganising my pantry and large plastics drawer.”

Clean and organise my kitchen cabinets – Ashlea, Newmarket – October 2017