Property Clearance

Property Clearance Brisbane

Planning to move house or office? With so many valuables involved, you need to choose a reputable property clearance company with all current certifications and permits to handle the job professionally and legally.

With good company, you can make sure your belongings are properly stored and arrive safely at their destination, whether you are cleaning and moving the entire house or accumulations that need to be cleaned, the professionals will do it and the service will be tailored for you.

Believe us & We Deliver

We offer specialist property clearance services throughout Australia. We clean all items, including furniture, appliances, personal belongings, and debris from homes and commercial properties, so they are completely clean, neat, and clean.

All unnecessary waste will be handled quickly and efficiently and, most importantly, will be disposed of responsibly. It will take less time to hire professionals. Besides professionals, you can also take out insurance for your belongings in the event of an accident. We are registered with a professional waste disposal service, so you know that the shipment of unwanted items is done legally through recycling and responsible disposal.

We have extensive experience in customs clearance. Our team is sensitive to the fact that, in many cases, the items they handle still have strong emotional value. We work closely with attorneys, housing associations and families, and are experienced in dealing with houses in poor condition or occupied by hoarders. We complete the remaining work on time and within budget.

We clean all materials anywhere on the property. You don’t even have to be there that day. Upon completion, we will email you a photo of the cleaned area so you can understand what a great job we have done.

We also ensure environmental protection and have achieved a very high recycling rate. Reuse is by far the most environmentally friendly “disposal” solution. We recycle as much of the remaining material as possible at authorized recycling facilities.

Why Choose Us?

We offer friendly and affordable services to domestic and business clients throughout Brisbane. We can remove everything from carpets and curtains to washing machines and kitchens. Our staff is friendly, professional, and experienced. We never use subcontractors of franchised companies. We are used to dealing with loss and sadness; possessions often contain sentimental and emotional memories.

As part of a complete office, we can include attics, basements, sheds, and garages. We arrive at the agreed time and we never disappoint our clients. We customize our services according to individual needs.

We clean properties of all sizes and types, from high-rise apartments to townhomes; bungalows to warehouses. If access is restricted or there is no parking space, we can clean the house for you, no matter where you are. If required, we can arrange a deep cleaning of the property, helping to increase its attractiveness for rent or sale. We provide cleaning services each time a property is released and we can arrange our services for different conditions.

If you are unsure whether we cover your area, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to consider properties outside of our usual coverage.