Moving house and need help preparing?

Have you lived in your family home for over 50 years?  Have you raised your family there?

Lots of memories, occasions, celebrations, an accumulation of personal belongings, furniture, hobbies, collections, perhaps a family business . . . the list goes on!

A short- term solution to move items to a storage facility and visit later is something to consider in your planning.  It gives you peace of mind knowing your items are safe and secure waiting for you!

For some, moving house is a regular part of life. For others, it might be your first move.

Whatever the reason, it is quite possibly a daunting task driven with emotion.

Moving house can be a process bought about by many factors:

*A change in employment circumstances.

*Financial reasons.

*Bereavement or family commitments.

*Family breakdown.

*A forced move from a rental property, end of lease or eviction.

*Downsizing or upsizing to a more suitable space to cater to your needs.

Or simply a change of scenery!


Moving House with practical planning

Did you know that moving house is considered to be one of life’s most stressful experiences?

But with the support of the right people around you, moving to a new home can be an exciting and liberating experience.

With someone else looking after the logistics, this will give you the time to consider how you’ll live in your new location so you can plan accordingly.  Thoughtful and practical planning can transform your home in to a comfortable and functional space.

Your Space Organised offers a complete service to make moving house a smooth and efficient experience.  We can help you with a timeline for planning your move, decluttering, downsizing, packing items and ensuring you arrive at your new destination on time!  The key is to start planning early so nothing is forgotten.   We understand that every client has a unique situation and commitments therefore we will work with you to reach your moving day goals.  By providing   and using a checklist and timeline as a countdown to moving day, we’ll ensure the big day runs as seamlessly as possible.

We can guide you regarding change of address, redirection of mail, Utilities at your old and new address, bond or exit clean requirements.

Remember your Pets are part of the move too!

Consider what you will do with animals on moving day.  Will you transport them yourself or perhaps a friend or family member can take care of them until you are settled.  Animals are intuitive creatures – they will sense something is going on and can certainly be stressed by the change in routine.


Moving House with the help of a Professional Organiser in Brisbane

Engaging the services of a Professional Organiser to guide you through this process can:
*Relieve the burden of practical decision making.
*Give you peace of mind knowing that your individual needs and goals will be taken care of.

*Assist with decluttering and downsizing if required.

*Provide suggestions regarding floor plan for maximum function and use of space.

*Liaise with Real Estate Agent if required.

*Liaise with Professional Moving Company on your behalf to help you move from A to B.
*Provide hands-on assistance with packing up your precious belongings and essential items.
*Provide safe transportation of your precious items.
*Provide hands-on unpacking items and set up ready for use in your new accommodation.

*Provide service to remove packing materials after the move.


Moving House Brisbane

You’ve arrived at your new destination.

Looking around at a sea of boxes can be overwhelming in itself.  You might be asking “How will I ever get this unpacked?”

Possibly you’re on a tight schedule, returning to work?  New job?  Children starting a new school?  Relocated to an unfamiliar location and need to find suitable services such as Medical Professionals, Shops, Sporting and Community engagement opportunities.  No doubt there’s work to be done to settle into your new lifestyle.

Your Space Organised can assist you with unpacking and setting up in your new home, provided you haven’t moved to too far away.  We can arrange for removal of boxes/packing materials and you can start living your new life. Contact Us Today.