Deceased Estate

Your Space Organised can help you through the process of managing a Deceased Estate.

We can help you with practical decisions without the burden of emotion supporting you through understanding and empathy.

The grief of losing a loved one impacts us in different ways.

One of the most significant challenges is the ability to make clear decisions at such a stressful and emotional time in your life.  You may live overseas or interstate and it may be impossible for you to travel.


Your Space Organised can assist with your Deceased Estate by:

*Packing and vacating property for sale or renovation

*Decisions regarding distribution of items within the home eg: on-line selling, valuation of collectables, charity donations.

*Planning how you might live in a property left to you by a family member.

*Locate/Retrieve specific items – identified by client.

*Leave specific items in place for client to arrange removal.

*Gather ALL documents/paperwork that contains personal information.

*Gather ALL personal/sentimental items.

*Identify items for Donation.

*Identify items for Sale.

*Remove Rubbish, broken items.

*Photograph progress for client.

If you need help with your Deceased Estates contact Leesa today.